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Fashion Colour Techniques & Longer Hair on Quotation. OAP Rates Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

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Tuesday to Thursday – 9.00am till 5.30pm
Friday – 9.00am till 7.00pm
Saturday – 9.00am till 5.00pm
Sunday to Monday – Closed

Cut & finish£37.00£36.00
Dry cut£16.00£15.50
Wet cut£19.00
Blow dry£17.00£16.50
Dry cut£16.00£15.50
Wet cut£19.00
Cut & finish£32.50
Under 12s
Dry cut£15.50
Wet cut£19.00
Cut & finish£36.00
Perm, cut & finish£67.00£65.00
Perm & finish£65.00£63.00
Top perm, cut & finish£62.00£60.00
Top perm & finish£60.00£58.00
Tint, cut & finish£65.00
Tint & finish£63.00
Dia colour, cut & finish£59.00
Dia colour finish£57.00
Xtenso, Cut & Finish£59.00
Xtenso & Finish£57.00
Cap highlights, cut & finish£66.00
Cap highlights finish£64.00
Full head highlights, cut & finish£86.00
Full head highlight finish£84.00
3/4 highlights, cut & finish£81.00
3/4 highlights & finish£79.00
1/2 highlights, cut & finish£71.00
1/2 highlights & finish£69.00
Parting, cut & finish£57.00
Parting & finish£55.00

Prices updated 2020.